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Sydney SEO


If you are operating a business in Sydney, you need to be found and you need to rise above the crowd as Sydney is a crowded place.

Your business, whether located in one of the many high rise buildings in the city of Sydney or not needs to be found. Sydney Maestro SEO will help you through their online marketing gurus in Sydney. This is done through search engine optimisation whether you are a medium, large or even small business. Why SEO? Is online marketing in Sydney through taking out ads in social media and doing PPC enough? 

You really need a good understanding of how adwords work to ensure that it will work for you.  As with anything, it also takes time to test your ads to find out what works and what does not.  Your business also need to have a reasonable budget to undertake all this testing as well.

You might say that you advertise in very prominent magazines and in influential publications. That means that your potential customers must have these magazines and publications on hand to begin with to find you. When was the last time you saw one of your customers holding a magazine looking for details of a business they wish to contact or buy something from?

Why is it important?

The simple answer it helps to rank your website well and over time done properly and correctly it will take your website from invisibility to the first page.  Then from the first page to the top of the page over time.  What is spent on SEO properly done, is not spent experimenting.  Let’s face it, if you cannot be found, your potential customers will just go looking for your competitors.  There are plenty of businesses vying for their attention.

Buildings in Sydney Australia CBD lighted up


Google Trends

Look at the chart below to see the level of interest in the term for SydneySEO – that people are searching for on Google.  Businesses know the importance of search engine optimisation for their websites as they all want to be found.

Sydney is the main city in Australia and it is also where all the commerce and financial transactions take place. It is the city with the highest number of people living in it. It is the leading financial hub. The Australian Stock Exchange is located in Sydney. As a city, it also boasts many tourist attractions and iconic landmarks and places to visit. It is also Australia’s gateway to the world.

Much of the interest in looking for Search Engine Optimisation is in Sydney and even from the UK. This is not surprising since Sydney is the financial capital of Australia where most of the big businesses are located and competition is high so businesses with websites want to be found. So SEO Sydney services provided by the Maestro SEO in Sydney will be not only useful but important.

In 2015, it was ranked 15th in the Global Cities index according to A T Kearney’s Global Cities 2015 based on current performance in business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience and political engagement and 11th in the Global Cities Outlook based on future potential in regard to well-being, economies, innovation and governance.

More than 75% of all foreign and domestic banks operating in Australia have are headquartered in Sydney.

Forbes analysts have ranked Sydney with Beijing as the 8th most influential city in the world in terms of the foreign investments attracted, concentration of corporate headquarters, business dominance, ease of air travel, financial services, technology, media power and racial diversity.

Startup Ecosystem Report 2012 listed Sydney in the top 20 cities for start-ups. The majority of the start-ups are targeting the information media and telecommunications sector.

Within the City of Sydney alone, there are over 21,500 separate business establishments according to the City of Sydney Council. Every single one of them vying for customers.

But you don’t need an SEO Sydney CBD company or someone offering SEO packages because you ought not be paying more than is reasonable nor should you be paying for a cookie cutter type of service. No two businesses are the same and they should not be treated the same.

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