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Effective link building strategies for 2021

Everyday Websites are launched.  The very first website was published in August 1991 and there are well over 1 billion websites on the world wide web today.  Be a standout site in whichever niche you are in.

Best SEO strategy – Build an authoritative online presence

Businesses that have websites that they rely on to bring them traffic and interact with their customers do have to take note of this fact.  In a time of restrictions especially, you need to draw customers to your business and meet their needs so it is important to have good visibility.  Among the many things that a business owner must do in 2021 to build a successful business is to get customers and this must rank paramount for them.  To be able to do this successfully requires attention to their marketing which includes their branding.  Search engine optimisation is such an important aspect of this.

If they are able to do this successfully, then they will be able to find the customers that the business needs and once they need to also pay attention to ensure the loyalty of these customers.

Gain visibility

However, how will any business be able to ensure that they can gain and retain visibility and have a positive and good public image in the midst of more than 1 billion websites that are online.

SEO and Linking

Proper SEO and links are among the most important ranking factors.  You might ask what can SEO really do for my business?  Once you understand what can be achieved for your business, you will need to understand that it is hard for a website to rank without any links.  Links transfer power and transfer trust.  It is also through linking that Google discovers your website.

Not all links are the same

Aim for high quality links and be very wary of offers of thousands of links.  Those types of links may not help you and may can well earn you a Google penalty instead.  However there are no rules to follow to work out whether links are good or bad which is why we constantly tell people not to try to do their own SEO or get their own inhouse computer expert employees to do it. 

Build good links for your business and associate them with great content besides being relevant, these links must also be natural.  If they are not natural, they will be seen as trying to manipulate the search algorithm and attract a penalty.

Be wary of linking from online directories that provide no real value to internet users but link with directories from informative websites and niche directories.

Writing good content that is relevant, useful and properly structured for your website is a way of building trust and authority in your website.  Provide your customers with good information and useful advice and do it frequently so that

Hire the right people for your SEO

It cannot be overstated enough that one of the most important thing that any business owner must not fail at is to ensure that their SEO is being taken care of by an SEO Expert.

Take time to respond to customer concerns

Social media is such an important tool now as businesses have learnt to interact with their customers to get and respond to customer feedback.  Respond quickly and properly to customer dissatisfaction and complaints and nib problems in the bud before it goes viral when the customers feel that you do not care about their feedback or concerns.  Most of quite forgiving when they feel that their concerns or complaints are responded and attended to.

A good and proper response may earn loyalty from existing customers and even bring new ones.

Last of all ensure that all your link building is tracked with paid tools like Ahrefs and Google Analytics so that you know if all your efforts are on the right track.