Search Engine Optimisation Tips

In today’s world where everyone and that includes everyone’s grandmother and toddler are becoming increasingly internet savy, not having a website or an online presence for your business could be disastrous.

However even having a website is not enough as many are beginning to discover.  The website that is built for you sometimes is not crawlable or cannot be found easily.  That is as good as not having an online presence at all.

These are some of the things you may want to look at:

Proper layout of your content

If the information on your website is not properly laid out and the pages and links are not easily connected, it is a good idea for someone to have a look at your site to see if your website has been properly optimised.  You want your pages and links to be easily reached and for your users to be able to reach and read your content which is relevant to their search.


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Linkages between pages

The content on your site should contain the right words.  For example, the right phraseology would mean phrasing your content in the same way a person looking for answers would phrase it or would ask the question.

Providing salient information

If you have a restaurant, put a menu on your website.  If your restaurant provides exotic ethnic cuisine, write an explanation about the style of the cuisine and the taste of the dishes offered.  If you are known to have specials either weekly or daily – make sure that these can be found on your site and the information is regularly updated.  Imagine how disappointed your customers would feel if they came to your restaurant expecting to have certain dishes or desserts only to find out from your staff that the items are not available or worst yet have not been on the menu for a very long time.

Ensure that you also provide information about opening hours of the restaurant, proper directions if your location is difficult to navigate to and information as to availability of car parking and whether it is wheelchair and/or children friendly.

Regular updates

If your business frequently have specials or important information about supplies which may be sporadic and the customers are told to look out for more information on the website, then it is a given that the website must be regularly updated to keep the customers informed.  Customers coming to check the site must not get the impression that no one is looking after the content or even bothering with any updates and that they have to ring the business to find out the news.  When such an impression is conveyed, the customers will stop coming to the website for updates.

Good content

Interesting content and well written copy on your site that help the searcher get engaged is necessary.  Information that is easy to read and informative that keeps the viewer interested and not wanting to jump off the page without finishing the page is important.

Give them what they want

Think about what would provide value to your visitor – give them content or information they are looking for.  Consider how you want to market your business to the visitor and give them a reason to buy what you are selling and to return to your website again and again.  Increase your reach by making the information so compelling that your visitor sends your website link to their circle of friends and do your marketing or advertising for you and reaching out to the community for you.  That is the reason your site exists.  Think about the experience you are providing to your user.  Your website is not there for you just to build links for SEO.

If your user were to bookmark your page, are they going to remember what your site is about or find your url in their list of bookmarks.  Is your snippet or the description of your page interesting enough to entice people to click onto your website if they found you together with a list of other similar websites for the product or service they were searching for in the search engine results page?  Does the little snippet give them the impression that your website is what they are looking for or worth investigating?

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Is your website under threat?

Since April 2015, Google has been saying that they would be boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly  pages on mobile search results.  Well, they have already started doing that.   In March 2016, Google once again warned that they would be rolling another update for mobile search results saying that it is to increase “the effect of the ranking signal to help [our] suers find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly”.

To help business owners, Google created a site to allow for testing of websites to check if they are mobile-friendly.  When they announced that they were rolling out their March 2016 update, they did say that even if one’s website is not mobile friendly, it could still rank well if it has “great, relevant content”.

Today, Google has taken the trouble to launch another site to help business owners check to see how their websites are performing on the mobile web.  All this is happening because the number to searches on mobile devices has been climbing exponentially.

What is the reason for this?  Google wants sites that they serve up on search results to be accessible, and function and perform well.  So should you, as a business owner with a website.

Consider that Google is not a human being, it is a search engine that runs according to its algorithm and it determines ranking according to signals sent to it.  It makes decisions based on those signals.  If a search is being conducted on the mobile and your site is not mobile friendly, the user is going to click off your site and return to the search to look for another site in double quick time.  That signal tells Google that your site is not relevant to their search.  Get lots of people doing the same thing – what will it mean for your site?

Google is all about providing the best user experience and if so many people are telling them that your site is not relevant,  Google will get the signal loud and clear that your site is not relevant to their search.

You have worked hard to optimise your website so that you can be found by the search engines particularly Google.  But now because your site is hard to navigate on a mobile phone and it is difficult for them to find the information they want on their mobile device, Google is being signalled that your site is not relevant or useful to the user.

Since the 2015 announcement, mobile searches have increased by more than 15%.  What is more interesting is, anecdotally these searches have been found to be from the age group of 30+.  So don’t think that only the young and possibly with lower disposal income are the only ones using their mobile phones to do their searches.

Google is doing everything in its power to help business owners make their websites usable for their customers through its investments in new technologies even to the extent of helping business owners find out how or what needs fixing on their websites.

So, if your website is not accessible, no one will be able to find it.  If your website is not mobile-friendly, potential customers searching on their mobile devices will click off from your site and look for another one business.  Once that begins to happen enough times, Google will conclude that your site is not relevant or that its content is not relevant to the search.  If that happens often enough, it is likely that and it will show up less and less often.

You may ask – does that mean that if my website is not mobile-friendly that it is going to tank?

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Make your website mobile-friendly

Have a mobile friendly website

Since 21 April 2015, Google has been expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal.  This was announced in February 2015 and they also advised at that time that the change would affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and would significantly impact search results.

Since that time mobile searches have moved significantly upwards and the percentage of searches on mobile devices have climbed to 66% of all searches.  Can your website pass the Google mobile test?

Is your site mobile-friendly?

The decision by Google to “increase the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile friendly” means that if your site is not yet mobile friendly, you as a business will be impacted.  If you read between the lines, it means that mobile friendly and relevant pages will be ranking but……  What will this mean for non mobile friendly pages?

Is your website Google mobile friendly?  Being mobile friendly is part and parcel of optimising your website.  Take action today as beginning in May 2016 which is NOW, Google will start rolling out an update to mobile search results which will affect non mobile friendly sites.

Don’t be caught unaware!

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SEO at its simplest

In today’s hustle and bustle, it is hard to find time to do all the things that you want to do. Very often, people are so time poor that outsourcing walking the pet, taking care of the garden or cooking your meals can be very attractive.  They don’t even have much time to spend to look for help for things that matter.  It could be professional services like legal, chiropractic or plumbing services.

You could well be the one who provide those very services that people are looking for.

You have already launched your business and you are now growing your business.  You have set up a shop and you have an online presence as well and you are present in your market.

You are sure that that there will be people looking for your services and you are very busy as well so that confirms that you are doing the right thing.

You work hard, 10 -12 hours a day and after the staff have left for the day you are still there and you even got the help of enthusiastic friends and family keen to see you succeed.  They know how great your business or product is and they too are sure that you will be have more and more customers soon and be able to hire more staff to take over the help they are providing because everyone is going to be talking about how great you are.


Why, your business is great because you have such a passion for the work that you do whether as a chiropractor fixing bad backs or  as a plumber tracing the leaks and stopping them, surely there will be customers banging down the door for your service.

You have even put up a website that looks so good, it rivals with the best in the business.

But is your website located in cyber woop woop or can you be seen online on the first page when someone is looking for the type of services or products that your business is offering?

Just as with real estate, what’s important is – Location, Location, Location!

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