Web Design

Does your business have a website?  If not, you need to rethink your decision not to have one.  Why do you need a website?  The simple truth is that if you need to have customers for your business which every business does, then you need a website.  However if you think that it is possible to go about finding your customers through advertising.  You will soon find out that not only are there various different types of media for advertising and all of them delivering different results for your business, it is also becoming increasingly expensive to pay for print and media and other types of advertising including PPC or pay per click, facebook and other types of social media advertising.

It is questionable though if advertising in any form will have a lasting effect for your business once it stops.

However even if you do have a website, it is important that you have a website that is well designed.

Valuable Content

You need a website that provides valuable information that is useful to users who are looking for information.  Content is king.  Your website has to be designed for different readers.

By different readers, you need to understand that when you create a website, you will be visited by actual people looking for information as well as the product or service that your business is providing.  When they land on your website, they must be able to find the information they are looking for or at least find the information on your website interesting enough to stay there to go through it.

If you website is not interesting or provides confusing information for instance, if they looking for bicycles and they are redirected to a page about tyres, they will click off from the site and go looking elsewhere.

Additionally if the information provided to them is not useful or of value to them, they will also leave your website.

Secondly your website will also be visited by bots or web crawlers.  The most important being Googlebot.  They come around and read your site and the inbound and outbound links and determine what your website is about.  It then makes a decision as to whether and in what position to serve up the name of your website when a user is looking for your product or service.

Optimising your Website

There are more than 1 billion websites online at the moment.  As you can imagine, there are many websites jostling for a position on the first page of Google.  So besides building a good website, it is really important to optimise your website.

If you already have a website, find out how it is doing by requesting for a Free Website Report today.

If you do not have a website, contact us and we will be able to help you.