Make your website mobile-friendly

Have a mobile friendly website

Since 21 April 2015, Google has been expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal.  This was announced in February 2015 and they also advised at that time that the change would affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and would significantly impact search results.

Since that time mobile searches have moved significantly upwards and the percentage of searches on mobile devices have climbed to 66% of all searches.  Can your website pass the Google mobile test?

Is your site mobile-friendly?

The decision by Google to “increase the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile friendly” means that if your site is not yet mobile friendly, you as a business will be impacted.  If you read between the lines, it means that mobile friendly and relevant pages will be ranking but……  What will this mean for non mobile friendly pages?

Is your website Google mobile friendly?  Being mobile friendly is part and parcel of optimising your website.  Take action today as beginning in May 2016 which is NOW, Google will start rolling out an update to mobile search results which will affect non mobile friendly sites.

Don’t be caught unaware!

Call Sydney Maestro today at 0406 347 374 if you do not want your website to be affected by Google’s update.

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